Friendly Procurement Analytics

Spend Analysis Software is indispensable for you as a procurement professional. It doesn't just save costs. It gives you full control over all spending information within your organisation. Thanks to unique insight and overview, you are able to purchase more efficiently and make timely adjustments. At the strategic, tactical and operational level.

Spend Monkey dashboard, your new best friend

The plug & play Spend Analysis Platform of Spend Monkey unburdens you like no other. Including extremely accurate, clear and user-friendly spending information. If we do say so ourselves: our solution is innovative, state of the art and monkey proof/super user friendly.

With Spend Monkey, you always have your spending information up to date for a low monthly fee, our BI specialists are at your service every day!

Next steps / let’s work on your data

Want to get started quickly with the turnkey Spend Analysis Platform of Spend Monkey? You can! For the intelligent, safe, good and fast processing of your data, we use a smart step-by-step plan.

Step 1. Collect data

Collect required data from your ERP system, P2P system or financial software package.

Step 2. Clean up data

This includes deduplication of data and checking for correct, consistent, usable input.

Step 3. Enrich data

Add information to your cleansed data and creating links.

Step 4. Visualise data

Import the data for super clear graphical representation with bar charts, pie charts, etc.

Step 5. Let's go to work

Your dashboard is now ready to use. Surprise your colleagues with new insights and overviews and save on costs. Also on previously invisible costs.

All-in-one Spend Management dashboard

Procurement overview

Everything you want to know about your procurement, clickable, up to date and with details.

Finance overview

Everything you want to know about your company's payment behaviour, clickable and easy to understand.

EU Tender overview

  • All (EU) tenders of the past 5 years
  • Selectable on every CPV code 
  • Selectable on each contracting authority 
  • Who has won the most tenders 
  • Which tenders have your competitors won 
  • Based on expiring contracts a prediction of upcoming tenders

Contract overview

Everything you need to know about your contracts, expiry dates and outstanding commitments.

Data detail view

All your invoices, in detail and clear down to the order line level

Suppliers details

All your suppliers in 1 overview, clickable and with details

Other overviews

  • Scorecard (set up your own KPIs)
  • Invoice processing
  • Spend per department
  • Procurement categories
  • Kraljic
  • (European) Tender radar

Pick your cherries: which package suits you best?


  • 2x data refresh per year
  • 2 users
  • Spend < 35 million per year

€ 399,- per month.

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  • 4x data refresh per year
  • 4 users
  • Spend < 50 million per year

€ 499,- per month.

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  • 6x data refresh per year
  • 6 users
  • Spend < 75 million per year

€ 699,- per month.

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Spend Monkey

  • 12x data refresh per year
  • 12 users
  • Spend < 250 million per year
  • With the Spend Monkey package, you always have your spending information up to date!

€ 899,- per month.

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*The above prices can be influenced by the quality of the delivered data, when using multiple source systems and the number of users.

Is your situation not listed? Then contact us for a custom quote.

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